venerdì 6 marzo 2015

Foucault and the History of Our Present - Edited by Sophie Fuggle, Yari Lanci and Martina Tazzioli (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015)

Foucault and the History of Our Present
edited by Sophie Fuggle, Yari Lanci, and Martina Tazzioli

According to philosopher Michel Foucault, the ‘history of the present’ should constitute the starting point for any enquiry into the past and a critical ontology of ourselves. This book comprises a series of essays all centring on the question of the present or, rather, multiple presents which compose contemporary experience. The collection brings together philosophical readings of Foucault which try to rework his thought in light of our present, together with practical analyses of our own moment which draw on his methodological approaches to questions of power, knowledge and subjectivity. Covering a range of topics including freedom, politics, ethics, security, war, migration, incarceration, the sociology and political economy of new media, Marxism and activism, Foucault and the History of Our Present features essays from Tiziana Terranova, Alberto Toscano, Judith Revel, Sanjay Seth, Saul Newman, Mark Neocleous and William Walters.
Introduction; Martina Tazzioli, Sophie Fuggle, and Yari Lanci
1. ‘What Are We at the Present Time?’ Foucault and the Question of the Present; Judith Revel
2. What is Capitalist Power? Reflections on ‘Truth and Juridical Forms'; Alberto Toscano
3. Foucault in India; Sanjay Seth
4. ‘Critique Will Be the Art of Voluntary Inservitude': Foucault, La Boétie and the Problem of Freedom; Saul Newman
5. The Other Space of Police Power; or, Foucault and the No-Fly Zone; Mark Neocleous
6. On the Road with Michel Foucault: Migration, Deportation and Viapolitics; William Walters
7. Securing the Social: Foucault and Social Networks; Tiziana Terranova
8. Human Pastorate and ‘la vie bête'; Alain Brossat
9. Beyond Slogans and Snapshots: The Story of the Groupe d’Information sur les Prisons; Sophie Fuggle
10. Troubling Mobilities. Foucault and the Hold’s over ‘Unruly’ Movements and Life Time; Martina Tazzioli
11. Environmentality and Colonial Biopolitics. Toward a Postcolonial Genealogy of Environmental Subjectivities; Orazio Irrera
12. Pierre Hadot and Michel Foucault on Spiritual Exercises: Transforming the Self, Transforming the Present; Laura Cremonesi
13. A Decolonizing Alethurgy. Foucault after Fanon; Matthieu Renault
14. Ethics as Politics. Foucault, Hadot, Cavell and the Critique of Our Present; Daniele Lorenzini
15. Interview with Judith Butler: Resistance and Vulnerability; Federica Sossi and Martina Tazzioli