giovedì 2 novembre 2017

Obsolete Capitalism Sound System :: Chaos Sive Natura :: Bass Slight Swinging (Pt.I - Rizosfera/Nukfm, 2017)

Thought in me becoming on a time concerning the Entities, and my meditation having been exceedingly sublimed, and my bodily senses also calmed down, like as those oppressed in sleep from satiety, luxury, or fatigue of body, I supposed some one of very great magnitude, with indefinite dimension, happening to call out my name, and saying to me, ‘What wishest thou to hear, and to contemplate ; what, having understood, to learn and to know?’ 
(Hermes Trismegistus)

I would say that for Spinoza there is a continuous variation—and this is what it means to exist—of the force of existing or of the power of acting. 

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