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Foucault on Politics, Security and War - Edited by Michael Dillon and Andrew W. Neal - Palgrave MacMillan, Uk, Jan. 2011 (Paperback)

This diverse collection of essays is the first to specifically engage Michel Foucault on questions of politics, security and war. It is also the first to take up the provocations found in Michel Foucault's recently published Collège de France lectures, particularly Society Must Be DefendedSecurity, Territory, Population and The Birth of Biopolitics. The contributors reassess the way Foucault worked experimentally and in collaboration and dialogue with others. In so doing, the essays pursue lines of enquiry that Foucault briefly extolled but did not exhaust, and take him in directions that he could not have foreseen, including the War on Terror, risk, biosecurity and biopolitics, AIDS, racial and ethnic conflict, and the critique of law. Foucault on Politics, Security and War is an essential contribution to Foucault scholarship and also poses wider challenges to political theory, international relations, security studies and legal theory.

Introduction; M.Dillon & A.W.Neal
Strategies for Waging Peace: Foucault as Collaborateur; S.Elden

Goodbye War on Terror? Foucault and Butler on Discourses of Law, War and Exceptionalism; A.W.Neal
Life Struggles: War, Discipline, and Biopolitics in the Thought of Michel Foucault; J.Reid
Security: A Field Left Fallow; D.Bigo
Revisiting Franco's Death: Life and Death and Bio-Political Governmentality; P.Palladino
Law Versus History: Foucault's Genealogy of Modern Sovereignty; M.Valverde
The Politics of Death: Race War, Bio-Power and AIDS in the Post-Apartheid; D.Fassin
Security, Race, and War; M.Dillon

MICHAEL DILLON International Fellow of the London Graduate School and Emeritus Professor of Politics at Lancaster University, UK. He publishes widely on continental philosophy and political and cultural theory especially in relation to politics, security and war. Among his books are Politics of Security: Towards a Political Philosophy of Continental Thought (1996) andThe Liberal Way of War: Killing to Make Life Live, (2009). He has two new books forthcoming: Deconstructing International Politics (2011), and Biopolitics of Security in the 21st Century: A Political Analytic of Finitude (2011). Michael Dillon is co-editor of The Journal of Cultural Research, the Journal of The London Graduate School.
ANDREW W. NEAL Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Edinburgh, UK. He is the author of Exceptionalism and the Politics of Counter-Terrorism: Liberty, Security and the War on Terror and numerous scholarly articles. His work explores critical theoretical approaches to the politics of security.

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