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Mariangela Palladino and John Miller (Editors) : The Globalization of Space. Foucault and Heterotopia - Pickering & Chatto, Uk (Forthcoming march 2015)

Mariangela Palladino and John Miller (Editors): 
The Globalization of Space. Foucault and Heterotopia 
Pickering & Chatto, Uk 
(Forthcoming march 2015)

The work of Michel Foucault has been influential in the analysis of space in a variety of disciplines, most notably in geography and politics. This collection of essays is the first to focus on what Foucault termed ‘heterotopias’, spaces that exhibit multiple layers of meaning and reveal tensions within society. Contributors explore the concept of heterotopia by examining a range of contested spaces, including floating asylums, hospitals, nomadic camps, wind farms and national borders.

Introduction: Foucault, Globality and the Heterotopia of Academic Production – Mariangela Palladino and John Miller

Part I: Seas and Ships
1 Writing the Littoral – Abdulrazak Gurnah
2 Mediterranean Heterotopias – Iain Chambers
3 ‘L’asile flottant’: Modernist Reflections on the Refuge/Refuse of Modernity – Diane Morgan and Roger Palmer
Part II: Cities, Sites and Camps
4 Space, Home and Movement: Heterotopias in Scottish Gypsy Travellers Narratives – Mariangela Palladino
5 Chikwava’s Harare North: A Postcolonial Heterotopia – Zoë Wicomb
6 Heterotopias of Illness – Stella Bolaki
Part III: Animals, Energy and Ecology
7 Zooheterotopias – John Miller
8 Dark Ecology, Hyperobjects and Spaces of Futurity: An Interview with Timothy Morton
9 Soft Machines in a State of Emergency – Fabienne Collignon
Part IV: State and Hegemony
10 An Occult Geometry of Capital: Heterotopic States in Iain Sinclair's Literary Geography – Tom Bristow
11 From Hegemony to Heterotopias: Geography as Epistemology in Gramsci and Foucault – Mauro Pala

Editor: Mariangela Palladino, Keele University 
Editor: John Miller, University of Sheffield 

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