lunedì 23 febbraio 2015

Chez Foucault - 1978 L.A.'s punk fanzine about power and Foucault by Simeon Wade @ Progressive Geographies, 23Feb2015

Stuart Elden wrote in Progressive Geographies:
"Back in December I posted about an elusive publication which contained a 1976 discussion with Foucault which appeared in Chez Foucault, Los Angeles: Circabook, 1978, pp. 4-22. While this text is translated into French for Dits et écrits (online here), I wanted to find the original. Dits et écrits describes the publication this way – “The Circabook is a sort of campus polycopié” – a handout or pamphlet, a mimeograph, effectively a fanzine. I could find no library that has a copy. Well now I have a scanned copy, thanks to the kindness of a reader. And it's available to download here - an interesting document and the only English source of this interview."

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