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Seminar with Daniel Defert: “Reflections on Foucault’s Will to Know”

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Political Science Department and the The France Chicago Center present “Reflections on Foucault’s Lessons on the Will to Know”, with Daniel Defert, Moderated by Bernard E. Harcourt Julius Kreeger Professor and, Chairman of the Political Science Department
Daniel Defert edited the French edition of Foucault’s Leçons sur la volonté de savoir. Cours au Collège de France 1970-1971 (Gallimard/Seuil 2011), which is being released in English in May 2013 under the supervision of Professor Arnold Davidson of the University of Chicago.
Daniel Defert is a prominent French AIDS activist and the founding president (1984-1991) of the first AIDS awareness organization in France, AIDES. He started the organization after the death of his partner, the French philosopher Michel Foucault.
He is an alumnus of the École normale supérieure de Saint-Cloud. A professor of sociology, Daniel Defert has been Assistant (1969-1970), Maître-assistant (1971-1985), then Maître de Conférence (from 1985) at the Centre Universitaire of Vincennes, which became in 1972, Université de Paris VIII Vincennes.
Daniel Defert is author of numerous articles in the domain of ethno-iconography and public health. He also co-edited with François Ewald the Dits et Ecrits of Michel Foucault (1994), a posthumous collection of Foucault’s interviews and writings.
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