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06.09.2011 - Andrea Righi - Biopolitics and Social Change in Italy: From Gramsci to Pasolini to Negri (Palgrave Macmillan, Hardcover)

The study of how life can be controlled, supported, and manipulated has become the most urgent scientific and political task of our society. Each discipline approaches this biopolitical dimension with its tools and agenda; however they ignore how labor over time has materially produced crucial transformations in the manipulation of life. By placing the social dimension of labor at the base of the discourse of life, this book engages with the work of key intellectual figures including Gramsci, Pasolini, the neo-feminist militants of Lotta Femminista, Negri, and Virno, and reconstructs a critical genealogy of the notion of biopolitics from the point of view of twentieth and twenty-first century Italy.

Introduction: The Biopolitical and Its Biopolitics  
Factory Councils, Fordism, and Gramsci: a Workers' Biopolitics and Its Demise  
The Personal is (Bio)Political! Italian Marxist Neo-feminism and its Historical Trajectory  
Pasolini and the Politics of Life of Neocapitalism  
1968-1977: the Movement and its Biopolitical Élan  
A Biopolitical Multitude and its Planet: Antonio Negri and Paolo Virno

ANDREA RIGHI Assistant Professor of Italian and Humanities at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez.

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