mercoledì 23 novembre 2011

A post-blues ballad: Purity Supreme - Half past 3 Cowboy (Anna Paola Guerra Version)

Track Listing: A1. Milk St. A2. Half Past 3 Cowboy AA1. Famous Inhabitants of Louth AA2. Dunderhead "They are visiting relatives. I want you to notice your hand me the glass. The felt presence of direct experience." 
 Four new tracks from Purity Supreme. Purity Supreme is a collaboration between French musician, composer and producer Christophe Van Huffel and American writer, musician and composer Leslie Winer. "Always Already" was recorded in France at Studio7Love in May 2011. Leslie Winer's 90s album "Witch", released under the artist name ©, is a genuine lost classic, pioneering many of the sounds that have followed. Since this prescient release she has chosen to work in the shadows. Leslie's voice has graced recordings by Bomb The Bass, Jon Hassell and Holger Hiller, and her words used on "This Is", the lead track on Grace Jones's latest effort. Alongside Purity Supreme, she is currently writing short stories to be published by The Bookworm. Christophe Van Huffel, ex-guitarist of Tanger, has recently worked producing legendary French singer, Christophe. He is based in France.

Video & images by Sébastien Chou & Anna Paola Guerra.
This song is about someone. “If you want to call someone a thieving pig fucker, you’d better be prepared to produce the pig.” — Hunter S. Thompson

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